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Archaeology Without Borders. Contact, Commerce, and Change in the U.S. Southwest and Northwestern Mexico

edited by
Laurie D. Webster and Maxine e. McBrinn


Mexican editor Eduardo Gamboa Carrera INAH Centre Chihuahua 

University Press of Colorado 



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1. Creating an Archaeology without Borders

Maxine E. McBrinn and Laurie D. Webster


Part i: early agricultural adaPtations in the u.s. southWest and northWestern Mexico

2. The Transition to Agriculture in the Desert Borderlands: An Introduction

Gayle J. Fritz


3. The Setting of Early Agriculture in Southern Chihuahua

A. C. MacWilliams, Robert J. Hard, John R. Roney, Karen R. Adams, and William L. Merrill


4. Modeling the Early Agricultural Frontier in the Desert Borderlands

Jonathan B. Mabry and William E. Doolittle


5. Early Agriculture on the Southeastern Periphery of the Colorado Plateau: Diversity in Tactics

Bradley J. Vierra


6. A Method for Anticipating Patterns in Archaeological Sequences: Projecting the Duration of the Transition to Agriculture in Mexico—A Test Case

Amber L. Johnson 


7. The Case for an Early Farmer Migration into the Greater American Southwest

Steen A. LeBlanc


Part ii: converging identities: exPloring social identity through MultiPle data classes

8. Exploring Social Identities through Archaeological Data from the Southwest: An Introduction

Linda S. Cordell


9. Archaeological Models of Early Uto-Aztecan Prehistory in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

Jonathan B. Mabry, John P. Carpenter, and Guadalupe Sanchez


10. Interaction, Enculturation, Social Distance, and Ancient Ethnic Identities

Patrick D. Lyons and Jeffery J. Clark


11. Networking the Old-Fashioned Way: Social and Economic Networks among Archaic Hunters and Gatherers in Southern New Mexico

Maxine E. McBrinn


12. Architectural Metaphor and Chacoan Influence in the Northern San Juan

Scott G. Ortman


13. Life’s Pathways: Geographic Metaphors in Ancestral Puebloan Material Culture

Kelley Hays-Gilpin


14. The Dynamic Nature of Cultural Identity during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries in Central New Mexico

Suzanne L. Eckert


Part iii: neW research froM northern Mexico: Borders, contacts, landscaPes, and history

15. Avances del Norte de México (New Research from Northern Mexico)

Eduardo Gamboa Carrera


16. Imaginary Border, Profound Border: Terminological and Conceptual Construction of the Archaeology of Northern Mexico

Francisco Mendiola Galán 


17. Epic of the Toltec Chichimec and the Purépecha in the Ancient Southwest

Patricia Carot and Marie-Areti Hers


18. Mesoamerican Influences in the Imagery of Northern Mexico

Arturo Gueara Sánchez


19. Turquoise: Formal Economic Interrelationships between Mesoamerica and the North American Southwest  

Phil C. Weigand


20. The Cultural Landscape of Cliff Houses in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua

Eduardo Gamboa Carrera and Federico J. Mancera-Valencia


21. All Routes, All Directions: The Prehistoric Landscape of Nuevo León

Moisés Valadez Moreno


22. Contributions of Walter W. Taylor to the Archaeology of Coahuila, 1937–1947

Leticia González Arratia


23. Archaeology and Physical Anthropology: A Reflection on Warfare in the Archaeological Vision

M. Nicolás Caretta


24. Pacification of the Chichimeca Region

Martha Monzón Flores


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